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OviedoBiz was formed by a group of residents in Oviedo Florida. Each member brought to the table their own unique business expertise and insight. With all of that brain power available OviedoBiz was created from a mere concept back in 2004 into a living and growing business/community website today. The level of professional experience in computer technology, marketing and finance is impressive. We are all very proud to live and work in this community and as a result OviedoBiz would like to help the struggling local businesses and give them a much needed boost in exposure. We as a community can make a real difference in the lives of our families and our business neighbors.Our goal is to realize that dream.


What?Search Engine Opimization
Searching for and actually finding good accurate information on the internet has always been a hit or miss process. The use of keywords and hours of searching using Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Yellowpages and the other "search engines" or "online directories" has been a struggle for all of us. What we have done is taken the initial keyword search results on almost everything you would want to find out about relating to the Oviedo Florida area and combined it into a central informational website. We took everything the internet could offer the average local Oviedo user and made a useful, convenient and simple way to find it. Local current events, local shopping and local information. That same information was converted into an interactive map of the Oviedo area with extensive local business information for you to virtually shop from home. The result is the next generation of "search engine" for the internet.

The Interactive Map is an enhanced version of Google Maps with a GPS quality level of accuracy provided by AccessPointGPS. The satellite view can give you an unmatched level of detail and positioning of street addresses for locating businesses and getting true accurate driving directions.

You will notice during your visit with us on that there is no need to type using the keyboard. Everything is available with a click of the mouse. Search, explore and find things fast, easily and have fun.

If you are a business owner and would like your products or services to be listed, please contact us for details. We also provide extensive internet services including website design and search engine marketing at an affordable rate.

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OviedoBiz Grand Opening

We will be spreading the word with local events and activities geared to help the local business community boost their sales with the local residents. Our staff members will be out in the field promoting the website and answering any questions that you may have. Feel free to talk to them, they are a great bunch. Many of them are your neighbors.

Oviedo Florida Home is a site for the greater Oviedo area. In the coming months we will be creating other sites for Central Florida. Give us some feedback of where you would like us to go to next. Our goal is to help our neighboring communities as well, one city at a time.

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OviedoBiz - Map Demo Video
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The use of the Interactive Map is very easy. To help the people that may be new to the computer and the use of the mouse, we have prepared a demonstration and teaching video. Click on the picture of the Map and the link will take you to the video page. If you are having any technical problems we can be reached by email.

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