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OviedoBiz - About Us and How We Can Help
OviedoBiz Our Mission

OviedoBiz is dedicated to enriching the local economy of Central Florida. Using an interactive map, we help build long term relationships between local businesses and the consumers who live in the nearby area. We support the local schools, churches and community organizations with donations of time and resources for sponsored fund raising events. We educate, provide solutions and assist local businesses to achieve their highest potential by providing information to consumers that stimulates economic growth.

We strive to be the best website for both the businesses and residents located in the Oviedo Florida area

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OviedoBiz We Grow Your Business
OviedoBiz Our Story
OviedoBiz Our Story

OviedoBiz was formed by a group of residents in Oviedo Florida. Each member brought to the table their own unique business expertise and insight. With all of that brain power available OviedoBiz was created from a mere concept back in 2004 into a living and growing business/community website today. The level of professional experience in computer technology, marketing and finance is impressive. We are all very proud to live and work in this community and as a result OviedoBiz would like to help the struggling local businesses and give them a much needed boost in exposure.

We as a community can make a real difference in the lives of our families and our business neighbors.Our goal is to realize that dream.

OviedoBiz Our Connection
  Mom and Daughter Shopping  

"My mom wanted to send a grandfather clock and a couple of antique dressers to me up in Wisconsin from Oviedo. The items were passed
down from my grandmother and has been in the family for two generations. We relied on the expert packing at Pakmail in Oviedo to help us out. It was a long journey but everything got there safe and sound."

OviedoBiz can make these type of connections everyday. Use our website to find the type of business you are looking for. Live, work and shop in your local community. We connect local business with local people.
Visit your neighbor today!

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